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Back to School, 4th Edition

Now with a Brand-New Foreword

Summer is coming to a close and that can mean only one thing, School is starting again! So to celebrate we are breaking out all the higher learning we have and sharing that with you! So join us for this week's educational edition of Cranial Insertion! Now with fewer textbooks!

By Carsten Haese (0 Comments)
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How Do I Tell a Card I Want to Kiss It?

Hello everyone and welcome back to yet another exciting edition of Cranial Insertion! Here we are continuing our summer season of fun and excitement with the answers you need for all those questions you have with regard to your most fun and exciting summer activity, things like playing at the beach, walking the boardwalk, pickup games of baseball or softball, or even more Magic! Okay, so really our focus is just going to be on that last one, so join us once again for another hot session of questions and answers!

By Andrew Villarrubia (0 Comments)
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Cabin Fever

From out in the wilderness we have managed to cobble together yet another article with all of the survival skills you are going to need in order to navigate the Magic landscape. So join us once again as we endure the wonderful questions and answers of this weeks Cranial Insertion!

By Charlotte Sable (3 Comments)
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A Lotus By Any Other Name

O’ Lotus Vale, O’ Lotus Vale. Wouldst a Lotus by any other name still add three mana to my mana pool? We dive into that question and more in this week’s mana hungry edition of Cranial Insertion!

By Nathan Long (0 Comments)
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