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Stockholm Syndrome

Straight from the hall at GP Stockholm we bring you this fresh set of rules questions and answers! Just watch out for the Møøse. So join us for yet another prognosticating edition of Cranial Insertion!

By Charlotte Sable (0 Comments)
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Denying the Fall

Uh, what? No you did not just see that... totally, did not just fall down. We have been standing here the whole time! Wait, what is that you are talking about the seasons changing? Well we cannot say we have seen that either. Dimir spies infiltrating the CI offices? Nah, impossible! What is possible though is answers to your rules questions so join us inside for this week’s nonobfuscated edition of Cranial Insertion!

By Callum Milne (0 Comments)
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School's in Session

Summer is nearing its end, and schools in the US have started a new school year, so let's open our textbooks and answer all your rules questions. Read on and join us for this week's particularly educational episode!

By Nathan Long (0 Comments)
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Postcards from Lake Michigan

And back from our vacation near the Great Lakes, we have brought with us along with the results from our experiments on zombie monkeys when submerged underwater for long periods of time, another set of answers to those bugging rules questions you have had! We are pretty sure our conclusion is that zombie monkeys underwater is just bad for the fish... read on in this week's well rested edition of Cranial Insertion!

By Carsten Haese (0 Comments)
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