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Lost in the Library

This week we bring you the knowledge you seek from deep within the halls of the Azorious library. Seeking the rules knowledge we need in order to better play Magic since the inception of the guilds! So join us for this week's insightful edition of Cranial Insertion! Now if only we could find our way back to the CI offices...

By Nathan Long (0 Comments)
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Come Up to the Lab and See What's on the Slab

Welcome, welcome! Please do come right in, be sure to have filled out your Form A-35, Schedule C, as well as all the required NDA paperwork. Once inside we can discuss all of the work that Moko and the others have been so diligently working on recently! No, no, do not mind all that fine print on the paperwork it is nothing just some stuff our lawyers required is all! Do please, read on in this week's experimental edition of Cranial Insertion!

By Charlotte Sable (0 Comments)
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Industrial Evolution

The Simic combine is at it again! This time Moko and the writers seem bound to have their application accepted, which makes for some interesting things in the CI Offices refrigerator. Nevertheless, we have put together yet another amalgamation of answers to your rules questions! So come on in and join us for this week's exciting edition of Cranial Insertion. Just be carful if someone offers you something to eat while you visit, it might just bite back!

By Carsten Haese (0 Comments)
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Sponsored by the Senate

This week's article as part of paragraph 12 subsection 21, in conjunction with the defined rules of article writing on Ravnica paragraph 17 subsection 15, following the additional federated rules of publications paragraph 532 subsection 9, pursuing to the by-laws of electronic transmission of written works paragraphs 21, 42, and 73 subsections 51, 34, and 12, in accordance with the regulations for disseminating truthful information to the populace paragraphs 71 and 432 subsections 83 and 27, along with the addendum to the statues of communication using non magical means paragraph 68 subsections 28 and 21 under the ordinances of the use of physical interactions as defined by the universe paragraphs 900 and 2135 subsections 31 and 56 set forth by the guidelines as stated in recent memoranda to the laws and statues of the plane of Ravnica we the Azorious Senate hereby condemn the article known as Cranial Insertion and anyone who considers reading it as unfit for consumption based upon the illegibility and flagrant use of zombified monkeys throughout. Those caught considering reading such content will be subject to punitive action to the fullest extent set forth by the laws listed as well as any other applicable laws set forth and pursuant to but not limited to those listed by the Azorious Senate.

By Nathan Long (0 Comments)
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