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Blazing Archon
Source: Ravnica (RAV)
Rarity: R
Artist: Zoltan Boros & Gabor Szikszai

Mana Cost: (CMC: 9)

Card Type: Creature — Archon
Power/Toughness: 5/6

Rules Text:
Creatures can't attack you.

Flavor Text:
"Through the haze of battle I saw the glint of sun on golden mane, the sheen of glory clad in mail, and I dropped my sword and wept at the idiocy of war."
--Dravin, Gruul deserter

Format Legality:
Standard: Illegal; Modern: Legal; Legacy: Legal; Vintage: Legal; Commander: Legal

Articles with Blazing Archon

Wizards of the Coast Gatherer

All Printings:

Commander 2016

Premium Deck: Graveborn


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