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Among Us

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So I found the body right outside of lights.
Hi everyone, and welcome back to Cranial Insertion! If you've been watching streamers on Twitch the last few months, you've probably seen your favorite streamer playing Among Us at some point. For those who aren't familiar, it's a werewolf-style game where you're either a crewmate, trying to accomplish tasks and "susing" out who the impostors are and eliminating them; or you're one of the impostors, trying to kill and sabotage your way to victory. I'll admit that I haven't really played it myself, but that's because I'm super-gullible and would do a very bad job of figuring out who the impostors are.

In the meantime, I've called an emergency meeting. I didn't see any bodies, but I figure this is a good time for you to ask us your questions. We might even feature your question in a future article. You can send us short questions to our Twitter account at @CranialTweet, and you can send longer questions to our e-mail account .

Q: Leyline Tyrant says that I don't lose unspent red mana as steps and phases end, but will I lose the mana when a turn ends?

A: Nope, you keep it between turns. The mana pool normally empties at the end of each step and phase, but there's no rule that says the mana pool empties when a turn ends (that's covered by the mana pool emptying when steps and phases end). So you'll be able to carry over your red mana to another player's turn.

Q: I attack my opponent with Zareth San, the Trickster. With its triggered ability, I put the opponent's Archfiend's Vessel onto the battlefield under my control. Do I get the Vessel's trigger and a 5/5 demon token in play?

A: Nope, it doesn't trigger at all. The Vessel's ability will only trigger if you put it onto the battlefield from your graveyard. It won't trigger if you're putting it onto the battlefield from an opponent's graveyard. Since it entered from your opponent's graveyard and not your graveyard, you don't get the trigger and you don't replace the Vessel with a 5/5 demon token.

Q: If my opponent controls an Ashaya, Soul of the Wild, can I destroy any of their creatures with Field of Ruin's ability?

A: Yep, they can all be destroyed by Field of Ruin. Ashaya makes their creatures into Forest lands, but it does not give their creatures the basic supertype. The creatures your opponent controls that are lands due to Ashaya's ability are not basic land, which means you can target and destroy any of your opponent's creatures with the ability from Field of Ruin.

Q: I control a Lurrus of the Dream-Den and I have a Nullpriest of Oblivion in my graveyard. Can I cast the Nullpriest via kicker, or would Lurrus stop me from kicking it?

A: You'll be able to cast the Nullpriest kicked via Lurrus's ability. The Nullpriest has a converted mana cost of two. Kicker doesn't change the converted mana cost of the spell. If you have the mana, you'll be able to cast the Nullpriest kicked from your graveyard and return a second creature from your graveyard to the battlefield.

Q: I control Shark Typhoon as my only nonland permanent, making my devotion to blue one. If I cast Thassa, Deep-Dwelling, since my devotion to blue is too low, will that cause Shark Typhoon to trigger?

A: You will never get a shark for casting Thassa. While your devotion to blue would be low enough to make Thassa not a creature, the ability that makes Thassa not a creature only works if Thassa is on the battlefield, not the stack or any other zone. Thassa is still a creature spell on the stack, so Shark Typhoon will not trigger off of Thassa being cast.

Q: I attack with a Dreadhorde Arcanist, and with its attack trigger, I target Spikefield Hazard. Can I choose to put it onto the battlefield as Spikefield Cave instead of casting the Hazard?

A: No you cannot. The Arcanist tells you to cast the targeted card, and a land cannot be cast - they can only be played. You can target the Hazard with the Arcanist's trigger, but you can only cast the Hazard - you can't put the Cave onto the battlefield.

Green keeping an eye on black, because
black is being pretty suspicious.

Q: I control Syr Carah, the Bold. If I cast Magma Jet targeting my opponent, do I scry first or do I exile the top card of my library first?

A: You'll scry first. When the Jet resolves, you'll deal 2 damage to your opponent, and Syr Carah will trigger. But we can't put that trigger on the stack yet, since we need to finish resolving the Jet first. So you'll be able to scry 2 (and hopefully put something you can play on top) before you exile the top card to Syr Carah's trigger.

Q: If I control Thryx, the Sudden Storm and want to cast Mulldrifter for its evoke cost, will Thryx affect it?

A: Yep, it will. Mulldrifter has a converted mana cost of five, even if you're casting it via evoke. Even though you'd only be paying three mana to cast the evoked Mulldrifter, Thryx sees that Mulldrifter is a spell with a converted mana cost of five or less, so you'll only pay to cast it via evoke and Mulldrifter can't be countered.

Q: I control an Ashaya, Soul of the Wild and then I cast Realm Razer. What happens?

A: Realm Razer enters the battlefield, and when its enter the battlefield trigger resolves, you exile all of your lands. And thanks to Ashaya, all of your nontoken creatures (Realm Razer included) are lands, and will be exiled. Since Realm Razer left the battlefield, its leave the battlefield trigger resolves and all of the cards that were just exiled return to the battlefield. This causes the Razer's enter the battlefield ability to trigger, and we repeat. Unless you have something that cares about lands or creatures entering or leaving the battlefield (like Spitfire Lagac) that can eventually end the game, the game won't be able to advance and the game will end up as a draw.

Q: I control five Forests, a Sylvan Advocate, and an Ashaya, Soul of the Wild. Since my Advocate is a land creature, will the Advocate get +4/+4 from its ability?

A: No, it only gets +2/+2. It's one ability that gives the Advocate and your land creatures +2/+2. The ability does not care if the Advocate itself is a land creature, so the Advocate only gets +2/+2 from its own ability.

Q: If I target a tapped land with Ruin Ghost's ability, will the land return to the battlefield tapped or untapped?

A: By default, it will return untapped. However, if some other ability says that it enters tapped (like Temple of Mystery's first ability), then it will enter the battlefield tapped. But nothing on Ruin Ghost says whether the land returns tapped or not, so it behaves like it's just entering the battlefield again.

Q: If I control a Kithkin Rabble, do my Plains increase the Rabble's power and toughness?

A: No they do not. A Plains will produce white mana, but that doesn't mean it's a white permanent. Color is generally derived from the mana cost of the card, and a land has no mana cost. Plains (along with almost all other lands) are colorless permanents, even if they tap for white mana, so they won't help out the Rabble.

Q: I control Huntmaster of the Fells and my opponent also controls a Huntmaster of the Fells. If I want to be able to kill my opponent's Huntmaster when my Huntmaster transforms, on whose turn should no spells be cast?

A: You want no spells to be cast on your own turn. If no spells are cast on your turn, when we move to your opponent's turn, both your Huntmaster trigger and your opponent's Huntmaster triggers need to go on the stack. It's your opponent's turn, so their Huntmaster trigger will go on the stack first, followed by your Huntmaster trigger, and your Huntmaster trigger resolves first. Your Huntmaster transforms into Ravager of the Fells, and its ability triggers. You'll be able to target and kill your opponent's Huntmaster before its transform trigger resolves, leaving your Ravager as the alpha werewolf on the battlefield.

Yellow was The Impostor.

Q: I control Forsaken Monument and a Metalworker. If I activate Metalworker's ability but don't reveal any artifacts, do I still get a colorless mana from the Monument?

A: No, you don't get any mana. The Monument's ability will only trigger if Metalwork's ability produces at least one colorless mana. If you don't reveal any artifact cards, then Metalwork's ability won't produce any mana, and the Momument's mana ability will not trigger and you won't get any mana.

Q: I have a Compost in play and my opponent has a Faerie Rogue token from Bitterblossom. If my opponent's token dies, will I get to draw a card?

A: Nope, Compost won't trigger. Compost only triggers if a card is put into an opponent's graveyard, and a token is not a card. A black token dying will not cause Compost to trigger.

Q: If I cast Intuition, can I choose to find two or fewer cards?

A: Nope, you must find three cards. You're just searching for a quanity of cards, so you must find three cards with Intuition if able. The only time you'd be able to find two or fewer cards is if your library only had two or fewer cards left in it. Otherwise, you must find three cards with Intution.

Q: My opponent just cast Drain Power targeting me. I control a Rhystic Cave. Am I forced to tap the Cave for mana?

A: Nope, you can't tap it for mana while Drain Power is resolving. Rhystic Cave has a restriction when you can activate its ability - only when you could cast an instant. You can't activate it in the middle of a spell or ability resolving (even though it's a mana ability), so when Drain Power tries to make you activate a mana ability of all of your lands while it's resolving, you won't be able to activate the Cave's ability, and you'll have at least one land untapped once Drain Power has finished resolving.

Q: I control a Taigam, Ojutai Master which attacked earlier this turn. If I cast Enduring Ideal, will I exile it, and can I rebound it on my next upkeep?

A: The Ideal will end up exiled, but it will end up stuck in exile. Once you resolve the Ideal, epic comes into effect and you won't be able to cast spells for the rest of the game. When the rebound trigger resolves during your next upkeep, you would cast the Ideal, but because of the epic effect from the Ideal you cast last turn, you can't cast it. And because you can't cast it, it will remain in exile (but you will still get the epic copy every upkeep, even if the Ideal isn't in the graveyard).

Q: I control my commander Ghave, Guru of Spores. My opponent casts Duplicant and exiles my Ghave. Assuming I want to move Ghave back to the command zone, what happens to my opponent's Duplicant?

A: Duplicant will end up dying. It used to be that you would move Ghave to the command zone instead of exile, but that changed over the summer. Now, Ghave will spend a little time in exile before you get the choice of moving it to the command zone when state-based actions are checked. But at the same time you would moving Ghave from exile to the command zone, since Ghave is still in exile when we're checking state-based actions, it's still imprinted on Duplicant, and Duplicant is a 0/0. So your opponent's Duplicant will end up dying due to having a toughness of 0 at the same time you move Ghave from exile to the command zone.

Q: I'm in a multiplayer game, and one of my opponents controls Pramikon, Sky Rampart, choosing "right". If I attack the opponent to my right with Ilharg, the Raze-Boar, does the creature I put onto the battlefield attacking also have to attack the player to my right?

A: Nope, the creature can attack any of your opponents. Pramikon only affects creatures that are being declared as attackers. It doesn't affect a creature that's put onto the battlefield attacking. So the creature put onto the battlefield with Ilharg's trigger can attack any of your opponents, not just the opponent to your right.

That's it for this week. We'll see you again next week!


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