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Torgaar, Famine Incarnate
Legendary Creature — Avatar (7/6)
As an additional cost to cast this spell, you may sacrifice any number of creatures. This spell costs less to cast for each creature sacrificed this way.
When Torgaar, Famine Incarnate enters the battlefield, up to one target player's life total becomes half their starting life total, rounded down.

Voldaren Duelist
Creature — Vampire Warrior (3/2)
When Voldaren Duelist enters the battlefield, target creature can't block this turn.

Zealot of the God-Pharaoh
Creature — Minotaur Archer (4/3)
: Zealot of the God-Pharaoh deals 2 damage to target opponent or planeswalker.

Zetalpa, Primal Dawn
Legendary Creature — Elder Dinosaur (4/8)
Flying, double strike, vigilance, trample, indestructible


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