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Avatar of Woe
Source: Time Spiral Timeshifted (TSB)
Rarity: T
Artist: rk post

Mana Cost: (CMC: 8)

Card Type: Creature — Avatar
Power/Toughness: 6/5

Rules Text:
If there are ten or more creature cards total in all graveyards, Avatar of Woe costs less to cast.
Fear (This creature can't be blocked except by artifact creatures andor black creatures.)
: Destroy target creature. It can't be regenerated.

Flavor Text:

Format Legality:
Standard: Illegal; Modern: Legal; Legacy: Legal; Vintage: Legal; Commander: Legal

Articles with Avatar of Woe

Wizards of the Coast Gatherer

All Printings:

Conspiracy: Take the Crown

Premium Deck: Graveborn

MTG: Commander


Time Spiral Timeshifted


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